Internet Protocol has rapidly grown into a widespread, fundamental building block for information exchange. As communication technology becomes increasingly important, there is growing pressure to use this technology to reduce costs without sacrificing any capabilities or benefits. IP-based networks address many of the problems faced in this complex environment, while providing an elegant solution that meets present needs, as well as those to come. Ultimately, all forms of communications, including data, voice, motion pictures and entertainment, will converge into a common transporting network.

The primary benefits of an IP-based network strategy are the cost savings and operational improvements from using one converged network instead of several smaller networks dedicated to specific purposes, like data, voice and motion pictures. The second most important group of benefits from network convergence is in enabling new applications. New applications not only drive cost reductions; they can also be a source of new revenue as they provide value essential to enterprises and users.

Convergence is here and the benefits are real. Now itís time to pick ArubaWireless® as your strategic partner --those who understand the broad scope of needs and are committed to meeting them--and take the first step towards an IP-based future.
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